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Indoor play

Unexpectedly warm today. The outdoor thermometer said plus 7. I thought it was broken.  We'd had a forecast for minus 7... It was telling the unfortunate truth! The weather forecasts were both still insisting we had several degrees below freezing, but that didn't make it any colder.

One of us decided on a walk with spiked shoes, and one of us decided to stay indoors and fiddle with the knitting. Fiddle? Well, since I am self-taught my knitting involves learning by doing wrong, and then getting it more right - and finally finding THE way forward. I Unpicked two hats that were finished a week or two ago, to reknit the top of the hats.

I have finally developed a much neater way of finishing off the hat which is made in rib stitch (2 purl, 2 knit). As I reduce the number of stitches, I "honour" the rib as long as possible so that you don't notice it gradually fizzling out at the top of the hat. I'm really pleased with it, but that has (for once) made me critical of my earlier efforts. Here they are, the white based, black based, grey based and one self-striping hat, in the middle the one that's on the needles, with the rainbow strung up waiting to be used.

I ripped 2 of them back and redid the last hour or two of the job. Much nicer than walking on the warming snow and feeling sorry the crisp, dry weather has faded away. It should be back tomorrow... I do hope so because my skis are calling me.

I'm still thinking about the film from yesterday. Darkest Hour I'm pondering the effect of living through threat of war, war itself, and the aftermath of war must have impacted on my parents, and their generation. How the war years shadowed/informed my childhood, and how "make do, and mend" was drummed into my head to the extent that I can't throw anything useful away. Give it away, yes. Chuck it in the bin? No way! Same with food, nothing goes to waste, no matter how much money there is in the bank. Same with wool, in my case...

My hats are all knitted with wool found in second hand shops, these rainbow hats are a mixture of very many different qualities of yarn as the colour is changed every 2 or 3 rounds. I only buy yarn that is at least 60 natural fibres, preferably 80% these days. Garments are given away with washing instructions, hand wash, cool water, shape and dry flat. Otherwise anything might happen as the various yarns react! 

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