Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

Have you seen the legs????

5 legs have appeared in City Square, Leeds.  I work around the corner from them and have been watching them trot in.  The work of British Sculptor Kenneth Armitage who also created 'The Hands' in the Mandela Gardens in Leeds.  He commissioned 3 pieces in 2001 a year before his death and the 3rd one will be arriving in Leeds soon.. his home town.
The 'legs' were wrapped in a ribbon and a bow on Tuesday for its opening ceremony... I wish I'd known as I would have loved to have gone!  They laid on a banquet of 100 cakes... and only 16 visitors partook.  We could have had a blip meet and dealt with those babies hey!
I met a very lovely man by the legs.... he runs the Leeds Civic Trust facebook page (do like it if you're a local facebooked) and is involved in all things arty in Leeds.... what a fascinating chat we had.
I love the legs..... all 5 of them :) 

(A few more in extras.....one which shows a Yorkshire man spotted outside without his coat on.....I KNOW!!!..... and another 'Fag break' one for Mr Dawe )

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