By intothehills

Glimpses of brightness

Thank you all so very muchly for the kindness shown to my blip number one thousand five hundred, you're all wonderful.

A drive down the centre of the Lakes today, amazing what a week of change its been. Today we went back to crystal clear and very cold after yesterday's totally wet and grey.

My week has sort of matched that, days of pushing the ankle gently a little further, of adding another weight to the physio rucksack then followed by a sense that any walking would be folly and more rest was needed. But there are glimpses, moments when "I will" shines brighter than "I won't" , and that for now is a victory.

Philosophy Friday
Some readers might be kind enough to remember my occasional series Top Tips Tuesdays. Well today, as I prepare for a very sedate return to instructing with a small Outdoor First Aid course over the weekend, I'm merging it with Philosophy Friday.

Five Rules of Emergency Medicine
1. Air goes in and out.
2. Blood goes round and round.
3. You need a liver to live.
4. The kidneys know what's good for you.
5....You can't fix stupid.

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