By P3dro

Strait Street

Notorious back in the day for seedy bars and brothels, fighting and general debauchery. Now it’s home to lawyers’ offices, accountants and insurance brokers. There are still a few faded signs of its former life, but that’s about it. There aren’t even many bars down here now and the ones that are here have very little to entice, for whatever reason whether honourable or not.

So, this rare bit of graffiti was a cool find. A nod back to the old days - not necessarily the good old ones, but nevertheless a glimpse of a well erased past.

There was rain forecast, but it didn’t look so bad this morning so I trotted about for a bit ducking into the odd church here and there before settling down for a very pleasing bit of veal for lunch. I’d planned to take the afternoon inside to deal with a bit of work and admin, which was fine. Finished that and decided a beer or two was in order at which point the rain was so heavy there was no way I was walking anywhere, even 5 minutes away. So a bottle of red from the shop next door had to suffice.

Managed to find a VPN that fools the iPlayer, so caught the end of the opening Ceremony from Korea. And that was that. The lack of loud drumming down the road also suggests the Carnival antics were cancelled for the evening too. I’ll re-group tomorrow and see what happens.

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