Today's the day ....................... for an out-of-body experience

I was sorting out some toys in the attic for Dominic today - and as soon as I saw this little chap, something sparked in my brain and I knew without a doubt that it was Wilykat.

He probably hasn't seen daylight for more than thirty years but he was just as I remembered him from ThunderCats  on the TV back in the 1980s.  The Thunderkittens, Wilykat and his sister Wilykit, were among the ThunderCat Nobles leaving the dying planet of Thundera with the other ThunderCats when the Mutants arrived.  They fought them back using their weapons - the grenade capsules on their belts, containing a variety of chemical, smoke, and incendiary compounds.

I'm sure Dominic will love him as much as his Dad did ...................

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