Daisy on Ice

Some days ago I've spotted some blooms of Daisys in our garden. 
In January!!!
Now the winter has returned and I wonderd if I would be able to find them under the snow. They seems to be quite reststable, those dasies on ice (Not the drink :-) )
Thank you Anni for hosting Flower Friday!

I wanted to thank for all your lovely reactions about my last blips and about my Hanulli Tree Project yesterday, but I didn't feel well and even after a power nap on the couch I wasn't able to write or even think a reasonable sentence. So I collapsed into the bed. 
Sorry, again no commenting :-)
The next morning an early up with refreshed batteries for posting this and to bring T. to her youth group. I was ready and hit the wrong button... no entry available, no time to repeat, but a hurry to the meeting point in Otzberg... A perfect morning. :-/
Had a long chat with my friend B. and was frozen to the bones after an hour. We should really meet for a cuppa instead of freezing on the parking area. After shopping and a try for the ONE TREE I'm really late with this blip! 

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