...the pinhole!
Mum is feeling poorly and my dad is away at the Belfry playing golf! ;)
So me and my nana headed off to Leicester's LCB depot. Wow, a really happening place.... ( that's grandma speak, by the way)!
Leicester Comedy Festival had some fun guys on 'stage' and there was a really cool disco, where you could groove your stuff with funky looking parents.
It was really cool, I mean really cool, man. 
But nana gets bored with that sort of stuff so I took her to the pinhole photography workshop!
They kitted us up with a magic box and we went out into the pouring rain for 4 mins. Much excitement followed as we headed into the dark room. Pants, nothing. 
We headed off out again and this time spent 7 minutes in the pouring rain. 
The other kids were playing with balloons and stuff, but that's just boring!
Anyhow, we headed back to the dark place and... hey presto, look, a picture of a brick wall. 
Then nana learnt how to make a pinhole camera from a pop can, but nana told me not to use 'choke' cans.  She's quite odd is my nana, but she's mine
Well done nana, proud of you! 

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