Beneath Biscay

By Douglian

Xixón Antroxero

Parents, grandparents and babes in arms watch and listen on external screens to the entertainment being provided to the children inside.

Was out on my walk here, trying to clock up the 10,000 steps and taking far too long about it due to stopping to look in shops. Was out for about three hours, including a coffee stop. Now I understand why there are so many people of a certain age that walk at a fast pace in along the sea front with an expression of grim determination. It's probably not that they're trying to prove anything, rather they need to do their set amount of steps, like me on doctor's orders, but don't want  to spend half the day doing so. Looks like I'm going to have to up my game, put on my trainers and grim-determination face.

For anyone that's interested Antroxu (pron. "antroshu" is the asturian name by which the carnival in Asturias is known. Xixón (pron. more or less "she shone") is the asturian name for Gijón (pron. more or less "hee hon" but with the first 'h' similar to the ch in 'loch').

Now with added extras.

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