By earthdreamer

Phones and Fags

I was minded to use the #phoneworld tag on yesterday's blip and it was pointed out that the word hadn't been seen in a while. It was something I came up with just over 5 years ago, when the world started to be taken over by mobile phones. It was actually promoted across the site by the folk who were BlipCentral at the time. It captured the zeitgeist. We have hundreds of images on Blipfoto tagged in this way and they make an impressive collection. But then something changed. Phones became so ubiquitous that the exercise of tagging a picture in this way kind of lost any point. It would be more appropriate to tag a rare street photograph as #phoneless. All in just five years. And I'm proud to say that I still don't have a smart one - although the pressure is building.

I thought I'd try to find a street photograph without a phone in it, to tag as #phoneless, and found one taken outside the British Library in London. Just before posting this I thought I'd better check more closely, and what do I find but a tiny figure in the left of frame, holding a phone. 

#almostbutnotquitephoneless will have to do. 

And don't forget to tag your fag breaks!

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