By Bodkin

a trio of nissens

Long, but pleasant day in Shapinsay today. It's a smallish island just a short ferry trip from Kirkwall. 

The trio of nissen huts had to be photographed. I haven't seen 2 joined together like this before and like the way each has a different kind of door. You need to view it on full screen. (shame the photographer didn't park just a little further out of shot, me thinks).

Lots of friendly folk with interesting chat and useful contact numbers and directions to the houses and farms I was looking for. One instruction I puzzled over for a while was: "follow the road to the top of the hill and then turn away from the sea". On an island that size, and from the top of a hill..... every way would be towards the sea, surely? Anyway, I found the house!

Home for a limping game of Scrabble. Vanessa has returned on her way north and brought the 'flu with her. And, I think she has given it to me! 

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