A Plumbers Wife!

By hebsjournal


Being reminded of when he had long hair.

Lovely to have him in the house this evening. We don’t see him as often as we used to, but it’s always great to see him when we do. Difficult to believe that he turns 19 this year.

James and Lew have been to a gig. I drove them back from Manchester in a horrible squally gale. Apparently there’s snow forecast for tomorrow afternoon but we will see.

Have given myself some pretty painful burns on my right hand this evening. Moral of the story - pay attention when moving a pan that you’ve been cooking with.

Was verbally abused by a vile harridan in a car park this evening, because she couldn’t get her car door wide open (massive car) and my car was parked next to hers (mine fully and centrally within the parking bay lines). She was obnoxious. I responded with a smile and a generous two finger salute. She managed to get into her car without any bother so I have no idea what on Earth her problem was.

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