Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Fly snowboarding down a hosta

Not what I went outside to get after 100mm of rain overnight and today. I thought it would be raindrops on spider webs or similar but when I get a fly this sharp then it has to be the one. The rain had eased although not stopped so out with tripod, macro lens, raincoat and brolly. A balancing act that won me gold.Just as well I went when I did as 10 minutes later it was bucketing down again.

The fly is not only entered in the AOGames snowboarding it also has a sharp eye out for anything that looks tasty be it aphids, vegetable bugs, ants or your food. Not sure what it needs to get energy for snow boarding but it will be there trying to get a medal for it.

Thanking debifulco for her dedication to sport and the AOG.
We watched our NZ chap in the snowboarding in Korea and saw him put down to sixth but it was fun watching.

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