Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

Bigger, Faster, Better

New SD card. Yay!  The speed is notably faster when shooting in RAW, at speed. Which meant doing this light painting (well, camera painting as the lights didn't move) trick a little more pleasurable i terms of instant playback. And at 32Gb, my camera can now take 1200 + RAW images for the first time. Sye's happy. 

A long day ticking off jobs to do around my Father-in-Law's house (once Tuttle jnr was dropped off at scouts for a two day hike): the last of the wallpapering, hanging up mirrors, fitting chandeliers were just a few of them. One of the chandeliers had three wires which were all the same colour, but the live/neutral/earth tags came off as I picked it up from the floor. An electricians nightmare if not equipped with an A.V.O. or sonic electric screwdriver..... I had to nip home to get them. Doh!

The weather was wet n cold all day. Our thoughts are with Tuttle jnr! A busier (and colder) day tomorrow.....

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