Snow shadow

Several hours' torrential rain yesterday evening, then it snowed heavily! It settled for a while but, by the time we emerged this morning it had all but gone in Wooler. It was still white on the Common though and, when the clouds parted, the snow-topped hills look splendid.

It's been a lovely, sunny day and MrM was all for setting out on a trip to "find some proper snow", conveniently forgetting all the things we needed to do today so he can proceed with the work in the 'music room' and on the floor in the hallway. Much as a day out full of potential blip opportunities was tempting, I reminded him of the work in hand. It's only just started and already I'm fed up with living in a building site, and MrM is driving me mad! Remind me NEVER ever again to move in to an old property that needs a lot of work.

Anyway, cupboard  turned out to make space for a book shelf and contents, a trip to the tip, and a lot of sorting out. MrM has been pulling up floorboards to investigate what's underneath. Hopefully the dust will have settled so I can sit down later with a much-needed glass of red...

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