Clive is watching Rugby with Mark. I said I would turn up at some point but am being a bit lazy (rather like yesterday). I am listening to John Owen Jones on Alexa and am in a bit of a Sunday slump! 

I've prepped veg for dinner and made some mushroom filo parcels but no one is ready to eat. I've told Clive to bring Mark home with him to eat with us.

We have new neighbours who have a small fluffy dog. It has spotted Millie through the fence (chasing squirrels) but Millie has yet to respond. Millie is deaf so no amount of barking will attract her attention!

We have had brilliant sunshine, followed by dark skies and snowy flurries.

Gorgeous out there now - hence the photo from the patio.

(Last evening we watched Toast on Netflix - the film based on Nigel Slater's childhood memoirs. It had me in tears. Lovely film)

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