I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Team Hummer ~ Nectar Swoop and Go Event

Bunker was not competing today, so this reporter took him out to watch the Nectar Swoop and Go Event. 

Sassy, from the women's Anna Hummer team, was showing fine form as she prepared her tongue just as she was going for the big swoop. She is ahead in points at this time.

There was a bit of ruckus at the gate. It seems that some of the canine team were trying to get in to the venue without tickets. (see 1st extra) Bunker alerted the authorities and the interlopers were turned away. There seems to be those that try to take advantage of their status and don't play by the rules. Very sad!

We did not realize that Trixy was in her final stages of the Gnat Nab and I was lucky enough to capture her just before her last nab of the morning. (see 2nd extra)

This reporter needs to check the times and dates for the events so no action is missed. 

Team Bee Pollinators are furiously gather points. You can see they are determined to gather as much of the pollen as possible and you can see the results building up on their legs.

The next five days will be filled with going for radiation twice a day. The treatments are six hours apart, so hopefully I will be able to venture out a bit and check out the other competitors. If not, you will be seeing a lot of the hummers, bees and dogs!

I am grateful that there are only five more sleeps in the recliner. 

Signing off until tomorrow........

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