Pictorial blethers

By blethers

All the perks ...

Back in Benmore Gardens today, but in very different weather as frequent snow showers alternated with sun and blue sky - though to be accurate I have to point out that we were too late actually to catch the sun, instead seeing only its glow on snowy tops of the Glen Massan hills. And yes, I took many photos from the upper slopes - but today I've settled for this one of Benmore House surrounded by snowy lawns. 

We saw only a man with a small dog the whole time we were there; it was only later that we realised everyone else was probably watching the Scotland v. France rugby win, which we'd forgotten about. But as we descended in a blizzard, we commented that we had all the perks of the gentry that used to visit the house in its heyday, walking through this beautiful place at will as if we owned it.

Which, of course, in a sense we do!

Extra photo is of the view from the back windows of my stately home, showing the forests powdered with snow from the first of the day's falls first thing in the morning.

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