By dreaming

A great ballet day

Today I went with my niece Manda to see Swan Lake at PNB.  The house was packed, and there were little girls all over the place, in their prettiest and most fancy dresses.  There were apparently some preperformance activities, because when we came into the Opera House, we found these girls clustered around a woman doing show-and-tell with toe shoes.  I had to take this photo with my new phone, as my camera has seized up and is refusing to work.  The phone camera is great, but I still have to work out the kinks, as you can see.
The show was marvelous - gorgeous costumes, great dancing and of course that great Tchaikovsky score.  I'm not usually one for the classic ballets, but this was such a joy.  Manda was glad she got to come with me since Endless Weekend is in Hawaii.  And the weather was fine, too - just a bit chilly.

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