A job finally done.

The front of the house has been looking very sorry since the end of summer last year. We had the new front door fitted at the end of September which meant the surround had to come off so we could have a slightly wider door. 

See Extra for a comparison, the old door without surround:

We were very happy with the door and fitting but we were left with an ugly finish around the door until today. We've had the surround sitting in the back garden for a couple of months waiting for good/dry weather and when Claire's dad and I were free at the same time. We started the job in sunshine but then it rained, snowed and hailed before the sun came back out. Tony and I soldiered on to complete the job within the day.

This is a Stone cast feature which weighs a LOT heavier than I thought when I ordered it. Each section is so heavy to lift and when the top piece had to be raised about 10feet we really struggled but with a bit of help from Claire we managed it.

A big job done, apart from a little bit of edging and I need to paint the step.

Thanks Tony again for your help on a day you should have really been chilling out on.

All the front of the house needs now is to be re-pointed, which I am gladly going to pay someone to do.

Mr Bo Hingles

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