A Marvelous Mary Poppins Monday

Sunny & cold I decided it was time  to finish cleaning  windows but the sun shone brighter so off to Alt Kladow. Time to check on the very lame duck & a hooded crow with a serious illness. ( I know this as have sent close up shots to a Corvid research place in USA & they identified it ) As forecast the crow is worse but still eating and friendly though becoming lame .He lacks no confidence . Then I saw the duck with the mangled leg .Again lying alone in the sun she was glad to eat sultanas .Able to stand on one leg .( briefly ) A struggle getting up but flying is still OK. The crow in collage isn't the sick one. Just a friendly sort keeping an eye on things .When first there  I spotted Mary Poppins .A wall art project involving a primary school . Perfect for today.
Note ) With inflation twopence a day to feed the birds is now 2 € Worth every cent . 

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