Plus ça change...

By SooB


Slow cooked lamb - the gift that keeps on giving.

Aside from pomegranate & mint lamb salad (can you call it a salad when it's just a small garnish of mint?), the day was mostly work.  But also some billing, which I'm told is a good thing.  (Mainly by my bank manager and by the lovely Mr B who mostly is in charge of bankrolling my garden purchases.)

We did manage a sit outside for a beer this evening (though to be honest we mostly wandered around planning garden constructions, stamping our feet and saying 'brrrr' a lot.  Minus 5 tonight.  Eek.)

And later I was given the news that I can definitely give some good news to our basketball President...  (the on-off gig story).  I really hope it does work out.  He's such a nice guy and has been (unpaid) leading the basketball club since 1978!   He resigns at the end of June, so a concert to serenade him out in the middle of June is an all round well-timed thing.

Another super sunny, but icy cold day.  I have promised myself much gardening (even in the cold) once I'm past this lump of work.  One client has gone a bit quiet, and I'm wondering whether I should just leave the beast slumbering if the weather is going to be good tomorrow afternoon...

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