Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers

Lesbian night in.

Me and Bethan spent the night at Bridie's house with her girlfriend Rachel, we watched Chicago and upstown girls and an episode of shameless, while cuddling up for 6 cats,

Maisy, Poppy, Harry, Charlie, Lily, and Rosie! They are all so friendly, and when you're lonely, one always walks on in and cuddles up to you. Poppy, Ro, and Harry are my favourites.

Me and Bethan were talking about what cats we'd like to get when she moves in with me next year and we are going to get a completely black one, thats for sure, and for the rest we don't know, just whicever ones we fall in love with!

This is Bethan and I today, although this was taken before I fell really ill, I have a really bad cold, like really really bad, I couldn't breathe through all of last night and I keep coughing up loads of gunk and sneezing so much my head is killing me.

But Bethan looked after me with cuddles and kisses and she made me soup! Awh.

I love that girl. My ex girlfriend just inboxed me asking if i'm engaged, awkward. Though she's probably just curious.

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