Valentines from Spirit!

Who would have thought it, but you can buy Valentines cards that are from your pets!

Since Kent will be out of town tomorrow, we exchanged our Valentines this evening when he got home. I was handed three card envelopes. Of course one was a wonderful card signed from Kent. The next one was this card signed from my cat, Spirit. I thought I would crack up laughing as that fit his personality to a tee and I had no idea that they made cards that were from your cats. I will post my card from Peace tomorrow.

I visited with my sister-in-law for a little bit this evening as I had to go over and deliver to her the dozen red roses on behalf of my brother who is a long haul truck driver. I couldn’t do it tomorrow as she will go straight from work to church for choir practice and not get home until late. We oowed and awed a bit as we watched some of the snowboarding on TV.

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