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By arkensielphoto


Not only is it Valentine’s Day today it is also our thirty-first wedding Anniversary so not a working day. We went to Cambridge as we usually do on this day.
My very old Pandora bracelet has a broken clasp so I intended to buy a new one, but as I had not had my Christmas present from my husband for 2017, because I did not know what I wanted, today he bought the bracelet and some charms; one was for our Anniversary; this is today’s picture. I also discovered that I could have the clasp replaced and the bracelet, which is far too big, shortened, all for £20.
We stopped for coffee and visited The University Centre so we could renew our membership, where we had more coffee as well as some of the gluten free Paradise Bar, which they have not had for a long time. Then it was time for lunch at Patisserie Valerie where I bought my husband a new teapot, which he liked the look of a day or two ago.

We visited more shops before coming home, just as it started to rain. A very good Anniversary and Valentine’s Day.

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