The Coming of the Light

We dipped back down into the teens for a bitter-cold start. I could see the sunlight, bright and golden, waiting outside my window as I dressed for work. The temperature had been a sharp drop from the day before, and I wondered if there might be frost mist somewhere. So off I went in hot (or rather very COLD) pursuit.

My morning drive took me along Spring Creek, and while there was no frost mist anywhere, there were indeed ice crystals by the stream, and the light was just beautiful.There is a tiny red bridge across a ravine, and I walked over and took pictures of it.

There is still snow on the ground here, at least for a few days more. The light was working its way down from the top of the hill - down, down, to where I stood. Waiting, watching, hushed in anticipation . . . waiting for the coming of the light.

The song . . . I was looking for a song about light that I  hadn't used before, and I stumbled across this one, which seems so fitting, especially given that it talks about February and snow. Here is Miranda Lambert, with Dear Old Sun.

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