Whisky at sunset

The chaos and pressure of the last three days was mostly resolved today, and I was able to work on some systems issues, I hope with a positive outcome over time.

The improvement at work coincided with a marked improvement in the weather, and I enjoyed my bike ride to and from work. Although, I did ask a driver to pay attention to cyclists as she had caused me to take evasive action twice. I know (from her reaction behind the closed window of her car) that she had literally not been conscious of my presence, nor that of the couple of other cyclists. Her music was where most of her attention was focussed, as she sang along.

After a pleasant light meal with S on the deck, and the dishes done, I went outside for the sunset and took my whisky tumbler from the Waipu Sesquicentennial (in 2003) and the bottle of Talisker.

[The extra photo for today is one of the flower heads on the crucifix orchids we have in quantity on the deck. I am surprised at the presence of water drops on it after such a hot sunny day.]

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