By davesfotos

Honda Jazz 1,5l Sport !

Drizzle most of the morning but certainly not cold at 9C so I got a few jobs done in the garden.
I decided to leave the rose for Bruno on the advice of MrsD and I didn't need much persuading.
So I pruned right back 2 Budleigh shrubs by the south wall and 2 in the pond along with a Dogwood.
Molly was so happy to be working again following me around and getting rather muddy.
I spent half an hour trying to find an axe that I've put somewhere where I won't forget but after searching all sheds and the garage I can't find it.
I think it must be age as it's happening more and more a it's very annoying.
My good neighbor took away our old (2 years) Jazz yesterday afternoon and went with MrsD to the Honda garage in Cergy to pick up the summer wheels which are kept there FOC.
MrsD in turn picked up our new Jazz Sport it's not really that sporty but has a bigger engine so it's got a bit more poke and it's a nice upgrade.
I love it for the weekly shopping and garden centre visits with the rear seats permently down there's so much space.
So for the record that's my Blip today in fact more color than I could find in garden anyway.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have better weather where you are.

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