Mearns Kirk

Over west in Newton Mearns visiting my mum which gave me the opportunity to blip Mearns Kirk.

The site on which the present day church stands has been a place of worship for centuries. We know of the existence of a church there in 1186 as that year, a man named Helia obtained the church lands of Mearns and in 1186 granted Mearns Church to the Monastery at Paisley. However, the site probably had earlier associations with St. Bride and the Celtic church.

The original church was refurbished in 1792 and a new manse was built in 1789 (under the ministry of George McLatchie).

A larger church was built in 1813. This was enlarged in 1842 and then again in 1853. Finally in 1932, a vestry, session and chancel house were added.

Well it’s the weekend now, enjoy!

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