My mental aboration

So I decided to make a few scones to have with afternoon tea, very civilised.  Out came the Bero book for weights, (I never can remember them) I rubbed  the flour and fats together, as you do, then mixed them to make the dough. Oh no I forgot the sugar, so I mixed it in as best I could with the scone mix, then thought Oh No again I've  forgotten the raisins so I threw them in and mixed again. Rolled out the mixture , cut to size then looked to see how long I cooked them for, and realised when I read the bit about saving some of the egg and milk for the top of them that I had mixed the scone mix with water, not egg and milk.
 Anyhow with a bit of butter and Jam they don't taste too bad. It's Strawberry Jam with champagne, My Granddaughter bought me a box with lots of things like that in it for Christmas, I've Just finished the Bucks Fizz  Marmalade. 

So that's my Senior Moment for today.

It's been a very pleasant day, after a rainy start that's when we took the dogs for a walk and the paths in the wood were like bogs, I kept humming the song by Flanders and Swann "Mud Mud glorious Mud"

Then I found that little minx Tansy had dug up my clump of Tete a tete daffs I had planted over the hedgehogs grave, luckily I buried him deep so she didn't get down that far I have replanted them but not sure if they will survive this year. I know it was her because she is the digger.
I was pleased to see my rhubarb is coming through  and the Artichoke is also well on its way, it was so pretty last year even if it is in the wrong place.

By the way, a tip, I have found that when you put something in the tags if you put a full stop between each word it will keep them together until you put a comma ie: not.such.a.disaster,  will come out like that instead of it coming out notsuchadisaster.

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