By LadyYakAlot

Flying the family

After having my licence for 9.5 years this is the first time I managed to get my sister airborne with me!!! She is scared of flying and hasn't wanted to go, nor would she let me fly her 2 girls. But finally after nagging from her eldest and her hubby I managed to fly them all today in a 2 seater robin (separate flights of course!!!).
The brief to all of them (apart from Darren who would go anywhere!) was that we would take off and start to fly the circuit... then when it came to turn downwind they had the choice to either continue the circuit and land ... or to fly straight on the have a little look at the local area. Happily everyone wanted to fly straight on!!! So 2 happy girls (one badgering to go again!), 1 happy smiling sis, 1 bro-in-law who had a full hands on flight and a mum happy to fly again later we can all say we had a great afternoon!!!

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