Unfortunately, Mum seemed a bit worse again today - although still not as bad as a few days ago.  My brother and I had a busy morning of stripping beds, getting various little jobs done, and packing up.  In the middle of it all, my niece suddenly felt really unwell and threw up.  Cue a mad dash down to Boots for supplies.  Thankfully, she was feeling quite a bit better before too long.

My sister and family arrived at Mum's about 3pm - we had a bit of a catch-up with them for a couple of hours, and I then left with my brother and niece, who kindly drove me all the way home.  Not a bad drive, and we had a short stop at Fleet services, but still didn't make it home until 9pm.  SO glad to see Tim again!  And to crawl into our lovely bed.  

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