Definitely Springtime

I know it's long gone, but here's my attempt at Markus' collage challenge... pleased I've found one way to do it, though it gives me no choice on how to arrange it. My brother left, and we went for a wander - seems ages since I've really looked at the Land - it feels so Spring like, there is chamomile everywhere, all the almond trees are in bloom, and we have sheep again.

It has been so strange not receiving comments, or giving them. Good. Makes me realize it was a good thing for me to give up for a while. Today I was going to revel in commenting to my heart's content, but we've made a new friend - Stephanie, a French lady who is trying to buy a property here - so we are taking her to Sem Fim for dinner (everywhere is closed here in Mourão on a Sunday night).

So - not sure I'll get back on here tonight, maybe I'll leave comments on for 24 hours, which will take me to tomorrow evening...

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