Snakes Alive!

I couldn’t resist trying on this interesting ‘scarf’ in our local leather shop.
The owner kept saying it was an anaconda, the world’s biggest snake, until M produced his laptop and googled it.
The owner shrugged. OK it’s an African rock python, he agreed, and at 15 feet an impressive specimen from Sudan.
Biggest excitement of the day was on the beach when a young girl lost control of her horse and it bolted. Suddenly the Arab in charge did a magnificent cavalry charge standing in his stirrups galloping along the sand like something out of Lawrence of Arabia until he finally managed to grab the reins of the runaway horse.
Something about the hotel: I have never met so many people who are all return guests. Tonight at dinner some were reminiscing about a certain German lady in her 80s who keeps a set of her luggage here and comes regularly for three months.  Apparently she is not alone. Other retired Germans do it too.
Well, if you like a quiet life with lots of sunshine and great food then it represents sensational value - a five star hotel at two star prices.

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