By TrishaR

TITANIC - Belfast

Ben woke up hyper as this was his dream for months, to visit the Titanic museum and after a Big breakfast, well it is the Premier Inn eat as much as you like, we were off to walk the half hour journey, over the water from the Cathedral Quarter, to the museum. About three quarters way there we could spot the magnificent silver building sparkling in the sunshine.

The museum is also a lesson in social history of Belfast and Ireland of that time with moving pictures on giant screen of the blood sweat and tears that went into the making of the ship and the conditions that workers toiled in.

Spending their holiday money in the gift shop they had 20 quid each. Ben has to spend every penny so he got a cuddly Captain bear and a whistle and Cameron ever the saver spent 5quid on a bookmark......

Three hours later we came out and went to the Dock Cafe where you decide how much the meal was worth and put money in an honesty box.

Part of the entrance fee is to go on board the SS Nomadic, a former tender of the White Star Line ferrying passengers and mail to and from RMS Titanic and Olympic and the only White Star Line vessel in existence today. We spent over an hour on board and again, very interesting. Boys loved being on board the ship.

Wandered back towards the City Centre through the regenerated dock area and stopped off for another refreshment before heading back to the hotel where I had a snooze as was wakened a lot during the night. Paps and the boys went downstairs and played Uno while I slept. I had nicely asked to get moved and they shifted our bags to the fifth floor which turned out was much quieter . Good!!

I saw the perfect restaurant for us only 2 minutes walk away called the Dirty Onion, that itself is a large popular bar with entertainment and upstairs is the Yardbird which only sells spit roasted chickens and ohhhhhh that meal was amazing, best chicken since October in Portugal, along with skin on fries.

We were all ready for bed after a busy busy day and slept like a log

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