....a kind of therapy

By BrianWard

Big Brother....

....is Watching - YOU! 
Mature Beech trees overlook a younger sibling (sapling - lol)
Super foggy morning, so much so I couldn't get the photo I was actually after, plus I had the wrong lens with me! :(
I was sure the 35-100mm was a winner but I really needed the 8-18mm for the photo I wanted. As it turned out it was just too foggy anyway -
Too foggy + wrong lens photo
So - Plan "B" - although I didn't really have a Plan "B"!
I thought the Beech Copse might provide something, and it did :)
As well as today's Blip there was also The Green Tree and a lovely abstract of a Tree Stump - I've never seen patterns like that before - stunning!

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