Scaramouche Scaramouche will you do

30 Day Challenge

day 15


Damn you Blip. Because it was silhouette I had to wax my top Lip and then I realised I needed to wax my whole face; so I gave up and silhouetted the one who has acknowledged facial hair... but it wasn’t all that either.

And then I remembered.

I have a little silhouette of the babies...

These are our babies. Forever captured in paper on the streets of Santa Ponca... Boy was five, Tooli was 2... they both had the little baby upturned noses, the little pouty lips, the little funny fringes...

Hang on a minute. This could be any two or five year old couldn’t it? Unless of course your five or two year old had a massive humf on their face and a big hook nose.

It’s a well known fact that all babies are made cute - big eyes, pouty lips, ickle nose, so that adults all go....’awww I will care for you and look after you for ever’.

Never mind that; it’s a lovely memory of a lovely holiday, with sun, sea and sand and a baby who ate lettuce and raw onions for most of the fortnight.

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