If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Lakeside Inn

We met ArcaneSpark at the Lodge and from there proceeded a few miles down the road to Whinfell Forest Center Parcs.  The morning was spent in the "Sub Tropical Swimming Paradise".  There are a few oxymorons in that statement.  Firstly we were mainly outside in the wonderfully hot outside pool so we weren't technically "in" the "swimming Paradise".  Secondly the pools aren't really designed for swimming enjoying water and the waves yes swimming not really.  Also Monday is the busy day with the weekenders hanging on and the rest of us arriving early.

The blip is of our lunch venue  "the Lakeside Inn".  We were all feeling ready for a meal after the busy morning.  A tasty meal was enjoyed by all.  Better than our last visit when we tried the "Sports Bar".

We walked out to find our Lodge and got in as soon as the cleaners were out.  However cars aren't allowed to move around the site until 3:30.  So we relaxed and played games with the grandkids.  The brought the cars up to unload.

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