today's another day

By dbrereton

Home Office

While I sit at home working on a presentation for tomorrow in the wacky world of IT, I move piles around, off the scanner, on to the desk and back.

Found this in a pile.

Took a photo of the Ullswater Steamer in 2014 in the summer. Went to see my sister and family at Christmas and drew this on their chalk board that the kids had.

Took another picture.

Printed it on nothing greater than a laser printer and it's in this mount, but has never been put up or used.

So, I've now taken another photo...of the photo of the chalkboard drawing of a photo that I had taken.

I like the Ullswater Steamer, 3 photos, a chalkboard drawing and my watercolour on Jan 18th, see blip

Anything to forget you work in IT eh kids....ones and noughts, ones and noughts.

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