Men at work

A frosty start but soon it was sunny and a beautiful morning.
Bruno arrived at 8.15 with some help and soon they were hard at work.
They will spend the week trimming various trees in the wood along with the big cherry tree in today's blip.
Bruno had a shredder on loan to try out but after an hour it broke down so he wasn't very happy.
I potted about and dug up a rose by the east wall that might be dead I'm not sure.
I trimmed it right back including the roots and put it in a big pot with fresh soil and compost and found space in the warm greenhouse.
Some old Wellington boots had holes drilled in the soles and grit in the inside as I'll put plants in them later.
So I kept busy while MrsD took Molly walking into town.
Thanks for dropping in its appreciated and I hope you have a nice day too.

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