Whisper ..............

 .............. Wednesday ......... showcasing his right ear   ........  complete with "splodges" of colour.

He looks, at first glance, like a short-coated, white dog but, as can be seen from today's photo (and from this one), his fur is actually thick and has some brown markings - the one on his back looks like someone has splashed him with milky coffee! 
Somewhere in his heritage I suspect there is some kind of Eastern European sheepdoggy stuff - he is originally from Romania.  
It's virtually impossible to part his fur on his back, neck and legs and find his skin.

Oh and he's not wild about having his photo taken (as you can see) so I have tagged for Cailleach's WildWed99 Challenge too.

A "mission" tonight starting at midnight - I've almost forgotten how to be a "spy" since my "handlers" changed on January 1st!!!!!!
There may be a WBBN silly quizzy thing tomorrow.   :o))

~ Anni ~

TinyTuesday143 can be found here and, within that, a link to MonoMonday213 and EP15 .........  if you have the time to take a look.

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