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A borrowed photo and I hope the original taker is happy with me doing so. My thanks.

Grandson Elliot on a school outing to the Irish parliament and a tour with the local MP (TD or Teachta Dála ) Niamh Smyth who is the local member for Cavan in the Irish Dáil Éireann parliament.

I know very little about Irish politics but see she is a minister in the opposition party and only been an MP since 2016. Her Facebook postings are full of health and pothole issues. You may notice she has what seems to be a broken foot.

I don't think I would want to be a politician. Alone her Wikipedia write up states "She is currently married to ....." as if they already know the pressure of mounting potholes will one-day cause marital problems.

I think Elliot would theoretically make a good politician in that he is sensible, thoughtful and caring. Not always traits required nowadays.

By all accounts, he had an interesting day but probably enjoyed the tour of the National and Natural History Museums, that followed, somewhat more

I spent the day battling with UK laws and HMRC regulations but by late afternoon think I have found someone in the UK who can help.

Also been battling with my PC which after my "hacking" scare last week has been so overloaded with highly sensitive anti-virus and malware programmes that day by day more and more programmes were falling over. So got rid of the odd excess programmes and reloaded the broken programmes. I couldn't even Blip at one stage and my complete Office programmes including e-mail disappeared.

All fixed now and OK. Got some catching up to do though.                    

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