Tom re-started his chemo today, after having had an extra 4 days off since the last cycle. They weighed him before they started and he's lost another 4 pounds in spite of his appetite being good. We stopped for lunch on the way home, as his white count has just eked up into the low normal range so it's safer, (well, until the chemo kicks in & makes it fall again). He enjoyed it,  as he hasn't been able to eat out for the past month or so.
We stopped at the Lakefront on the way home, and I was standing up on the large pier when 2 mergansers (at least I THINK they're mergansers) popped up from under the water. They're diving ducks, and are usually really skittish. The first one that came up noticed me right away and dove back under just as this one came up. Either it didn't bother the second one that I was there, or he didn't notice me, as he just leisurely swam between the pieces of ice.  You can probably tell by the ice that it hasn't warmed up much!   :))

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