Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Component parts

Tried to renew the tracker subscription on the camper for another year. Seems its not working correctly and I need to take it back to the company we bought it from. After explaining that it is a 800 mile round trip they have had a change of heart and will send an engineer out to look at it. Could just be that its parked in a black spot they can’t talk to it. Checked and the battery is fine so I’ll take it with me tomorrow night. Got back in time to take Kilda for a run in the gardens and then had a night in doing some packing. Too tired to go for a run. I got the last parts of my beer temperature control kit. I can now heat or cool the beer depending on that temperature I need to ferment it at. Just need to build a box to hold it all when I get back. Can’t wait.

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