Abstract Thursday 139 - Shadows

Back blipping this on Friday morning, because I was at the craft shop all day yesterday.  It was half term and there are always workshops for children during the school holidays.  Unfortunately F who runs these workshops had come down with the dreaded lurgy, like lots of others at the shop.  She struggled manfully in, but was so poorly that S and I sent her back home. So as we were the last men standing I stayed to do the kids workshop, while S ran the painting workshops.  By the time I got home, after driving through the rush hour I just wanted to collapse and veg out.  I took this shot of the shadows cast onto the hearth from a plant basket, which I had decided would be my blip for Thursday, put the shot on the computer rotated and mirrored it.  Apart from that I did nothing else last evening.
Many thanks to Ingeborg for hosting this challenge.
Apologies for a delay in commenting on your journals, I will catch up I promise. Please bear with me, it has been many years since I spent a whole day on my feet, with no chance for a break, but it was good fun, the kids were delightful, even though I know I will suffer for it today.

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