Bruno high up at work !

What a beautiful morning sunny and brisk great for tree trimming.
Bruno and his helper arrived earlier today as they want to finish by tonight.
They had the bonfire going yesterday afternoon and also burnt all my stuff accumulated since June last year so that was a bonus.
Today more trees in the wood and one of the big horse Chestnut trees facing the back lawn are being trimmed and the bonfire once again on the go.
Molly and I stayed safety indoors and I sorted out my den of old stuff etc.
I nipped out a couple of times with my Panasonic Lumix on zoom to try and get a close up of Bruno high up in the trees.
I had a chat with him earlier and asked him how high up he was going and he said 25/35 metres.
It was very difficult as I couldn't see the screen that well due to the sun so it was guess work.
I hope you don't mind another Bruno shot but I admire his skill and courage in the work he does its also good to see how safety conscious he is by the gear he wears.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have a nice day and good weekend.

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