By Standonman

It's just rubbish!

This morning we walked from the village to the local farm shop for breakfast.  Not something I've done before but most enjoyable.

Living as I do in the country I am always protective of the local area and hate amongst many other things the damage caused by joyriders cutting up the fields and fly tipping.

On the way out of the village we had to walk through a large layby and I was taken aback by the thoughless and irreponsible dumping of rubbish which has been clearly thrown over the hedgerow into the surrounding field.  I despair of these idiots who obviously think it is acceptable to dispose of their waste in this way.

This image shows just a small section but the area stretches for some 400 yards.

What on earth do we have to do in today's society to change people's attitude.    Grrrrrrrrr.

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