Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Forest Living

I could ask myself, why put up a blip of a pheasant I could have taken in my own garden when i'm having fun and games with The Grandchildren at Center Parcs?

Good job I don't talk to myself! But, if I did I would say how much we enjoyed seeing wild birds come very close to us in Whinfell forest. A robin sat on the door handle, a wood pigeon spent a lot of time nearby, eating monkey nuts whole and the pheasants came to within two yards of us while we sat out having lunch. At home the pheasants object to us even being in our own garden and go flapping and squawking off.

A bit like our own lodge, Amber Nook, this one also had a sheltered area outside so, even if it had been raining, we could have sat outside. I put the patio in Extras.

I've been having a lovely time. I'm swimming as hard as I can in the outdoor deep pool but I haven't regained the stamina I had before my Christmas chest infection. After swimming outdoors for 30 minutes I'm looking at the clock and saying "It's latte time!"

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