The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

Friday - It's like Music to My Ears

Today was a work from home day as the bathroom renovations continue.  It was a relatively ok day that seemed to go quickly.

In the evening I went out to meet an old work friend - it was almost 10 years ago that we met and worked together and over time as we both moved on to different work places we lost touch somehow.  Luckily though she dropped me a mail recently and we re-connected and I met her for dinner this evening.  It was so nice to chat, laugh and catch up.  A lot has happened since we last saw each other!

I have been thinking about what to blip and I came across a new source of challenges which was on Markus_Hedigar's blip journal.  It is light and shadows.  I wasn't too pleased with last night's abstract for the Abstract Thursday challenge-  with a shadow theme so it was good to have another opportunity.  As it was late (almost 11pm) when I took this I needed to use a torch which I shone on my 'cello casting a shadow on the wall.

Sleep now for tomorrow we weekend :)

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