By ArcLight

A little moment on the ice

When I went out on the ice yesterday, I managed to lose both the lens cap and the uv filter for the 15-45 lens which is the standard 'kit' lens on the EOS M6. So I decided to put the long lens on today, partly as I don't really like taking the camera out without a lens cap, and partly just to vary things. It gave me a number of opportunities that the standard lens does not, such as taking a few pictues of dogs in the snow and on the ice.

I was delighted that Mr A overcame his anxieties about going out on the ice, as is evident from his picture. We went around the back of the little island that is just next to Regatta, and we found some pools with a man enjoying a post sauna dip. How strange. That's in the extras, as is my variant of Mr A's blip.

Otherwise a fairly quiet Saturday. We're now watching Scotland v England and keeping our fingers crossed for the men in blue. In fact, I have conflicted loyalties, but I am really pleased to see Scotland playing well. My cold comes and goes a bit, but it's generally a bit better than yesterday.

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