By Leiflife

A Feline Moment... And much, much more...

For those of you who kindly encouraged me in my moment of nerves, I want you to know that "Cat Wisdom" came to the rescue on Thursday night. Sweet encounters with old friends prior to the performance opened a window in my soul to the joy of sharing whoever, whatever I am, and I dropped myself easily into the wonder of cat-being/Leif-being, and the large delighted audience entered into the play and the layers of meaning being revealed. 

The photos were taken by Austin Baldwin, a young artist and employee at  WAMA. He happily yielded to my spur of the moment request, using my old Sony RX 100 and doing a great job despite the challenging lighting, etc. I post a selfie of Austin and me. This was one of the sweet encounters. Another was with a former dance student of mine from years past. Dearest Mary Jo was with me for many years as student and friend, and I had not seen her in a long time. You can see in an extra how happy I was to see her. This was taken just prior to the performance. You can see that nerves were nothing compared to the pleasure of being with her. She was brought to the museum by lovely Kate. Another student.... So many of those in the audience were friends not seen in a while, so there was an element of reunion. The evening was so much more than a performance by Leif.

Several extras of the dancing... I wish I could share the slide show I watched on my computer, which was for me more evocative of that night than a video could have been, but I hope you enjoy these few photos. Thanks to Austin!

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